E16 UI Operating Software Update v1.12.152 (Aug, 2020 Release)  Update your E16 Operating Software here (Important settings changes in note below!)

E16 PC Requirements



Attending events and workshops are a great way to stay up to date and trained on the latest updates.  Maintenance and training workshops will be conducted around the country throughout the year.


Important Settings Changes in v1.12.152 (11.12.124)


E16 First Time Set Up Instructions

Setting up the E16 for the first time.       


Start a Support Ticket

Use this link to start a support ticket and a technical support specialist will contact you.


Desktop Remote Connection

This is only intended for use under the direction of an E16 Support Technician.


Operator and Parts Manuals.  Parts are available through your Bernina Dealer or ShopMelco.com

Melco Support Knowledgebase/FAQ


E16 Training and Resource Guide